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Kidsjoy Yoga

In case of emergency please provide second guardians details:
Payment details : Please return this completed form together with the fee of Rs. 4000 (Rs. 2000 for 8 classes) for the course (16 classes starting from ). You can pay in cash or online (Bank ICICI ; AC # 001301548344; IFSC Code ICIC0000013).

Liability Release: Kidsjoy Yoga takes all reasonable care in ensuring that its programme are safe, however I agree that my child will be engaging in physical activities that may involve some risk of injury. I am aware of my child's past or present injury, illness, health problem or any other condition of medication that may affect my child's participation in the KidsJoy Yoga Programmes. I assume the above risks and accept responsibility for any injury sustained by my child and discharge and hold harmless KidsJoy Yoga from any liability from any injury to my

Refund Classes: I understand agree that I wil not receive any refund or credit for missed classes , but if cancellation of a class is due to failure on the part of KidsJoy Yoga ,I will be entitled to reasonable refund of the charge for that class.